Well what about the grand finals for the Wellifest singing competition.

Every performer gave it their all to a very large supportive crowd of friends and family members.

The event was live streamed on Facebook Live with 1.1k viewers on the night and so far over 3.1K people have viewd the live stream.

Before I tell you all about the winner I’d like to thank Jason Worthington (landlord) and his team for his hospitality at the event, Jason let us use the function room for free, he also provided food for free then he gave every performer each £50 vouchers which is incredibly generous but in his words “it’s great to be a part of it and to give something back”, I’ll be making a very nice comment on Trip Advisor and I hope you will too.

Next up I’d like to thank all the judges Stuart Coleman Rick Lees Tom Gibson for their time and for what was an incredibly difficult time in choosing the winner and the runner up, throughout the night I overheard a lot of people in the crowd saying “I wouldn’t like to be a judge” you all did a sterling job and I’m sure that families of the winner and runner up all appreciate you’re decision.

Next up I’d like to thank Nick Watts who has done a amazing job in designing the brand new Website for Wellifest which you can purchase your tickets at discounted rates straight away from Wellifest.com, on the website you can see a live countdown to the event plus all the details to the event with who’s booked to appear at this community charity event.

Id also like to thank The Saddleworthand Oldham Metro Rotary Club for asking me to be a part of all this and I’m loving my role and I hope it gets better and better each year and I’ll always give it 110% effort into making the event the best it can be.

Right then, the winner and runner up from the competition.

Tom Gibson was announced as the spokesperson to announce the runner up and the winner and Tom had all the collective notes about each performer and have a great pep talk about why each decision was made to pick these talented performers.

Tom started with the runner up and to her loud gasp (she didn’t think she was going to be called up) was Freja Hardman whos performance on stage was that of a great singer and musician, Freja had started to learn the ukulele in October for the auditions and in her performance last night must have ticked all the right boxes for the judges so well done Freja and we will see you on stage at Wellifest 2019.

Next announcement from Tom Gibson was the name of the winner and before the name was announced Tom explained to the audience why the decision was made for the winner which included song originality and superb musicianship then Tom announced that Liberty Eaton was the winner to Liberty’s shock and amazement as she also didn’t think that she was going to win and all the rapturous applause of the entire room.

Well done to all the children who auditioned and took part in this first ever singing competition for Wellifest and don’t worry if you’ve missed out because I’ll do it all again for the next Wellifest event.

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